New Give Local grants announced for 2017

For the second year running, United Way UK is awarding ‘Give Local’ grants to small charities in nearly 30 communities across the UK.
What are ‘Give Local’ grants?
'Give Local' grants are £1,000 grants given to small charities and community groups who are benefitting local people in need.
We believe that every person and organisation should support their own, local community. ‘Give Local’ is a way to do this.
People and businesses collectively give to a 'Give Local' pot, and 100% of the funds which they donate are then awarded to charities based within and benefitting their local community.
Last year’s grants benefitted thousands of people in nearly 30 communities across the country. This film gives a few case studies.
Who can apply for a grant?
The grants are available to small charities and organisations who help people within United Way's 'Give Local' communities. To find out if you work within one, and to download an application form, visit our dedicated web page before 30th June 2017. 
With thanks to Costco
Special thanks to Costco employees. It is their generosity which has made these grants possible. They ‘Give Local’ through payroll giving. 
Want to get involved?
If you are a business and would like to establish ‘Give Local’ to benefit your local community through payroll giving, fundraising or volunteering, please do get in touch.