Corporate Partners


United Way leverages the commitment and caring power of national and global corporations to improve lives and create lasting changes in communities across the world. Partnering with United Way provides companies a way to invest strategically in their communities and advance the common good by creating lasting, sustainable changes that lead to better, stronger places to live and work. Our business model allows you to deliver small, local projects that can be implemented in an appropriate and tailored way to individual communities across a country, region or around the world. By combining in this way, you know that what you are doing is not just helping people near your operations, but moving the larger dial.


  • Engage & excite employees: Our payroll giving services don’t just ask employees for donations, but actively inspire them to give in partnership with their employer. We enable them to shape how and where the funds are spent and encourage further involvement through volunteering. 
    If you would like to establish a payroll giving initative, reinvigorate one that you already have or encourage your employees to volunteer- either as a team or as individuals- please get in touch.
  • Engage & excite customers: We inspire customers through local community initiatives that they care about. This can be volunteering, cause marketing or event based- whatever works for a business, your customers and meets the need of local communities.
  • Do the right thing: Many businesses understand that corporate responsibility makes business sense. It is what gives you the license to operate, what inspires employee and customer loyalty, and what gives your workplace and brand an added edge, or halo. We can help at all stages of corporate social responsibility, from writing policies to implementing them, bringing in stakeholders, measuring impact and building programs.

Each and every partnership is tailored to the local community, employees’ interest, business impact areas and needs of the brand, so please get in touch to talk more about how we can work together to advance the common good.