Employee Engagement

United Way are employee engagement specialists. Everything that we do will directly impact the local community in which your employees live and work.


United Way offers meaningful, tailored employee volunteering experiences to enhance team and individual development. All volunteering fits within our focus areas of education, income mobility or heathy lives and can be further refined to meet with your own objectives and the needs of your local community.

Whether your employees have an hour, an afternoon, or want make volunteering a regular part of the work experience, United Way will provide quality experiences that impact lives local to operations. We can design a variety of projects for individuals, or as team building and large-scale networking opportunities.


We offer employees a simple, tax-efficient way to give together. Thanks to years of international experience encouraging giving across cultures and work environments, we are uniquely placed to promote, manage and measure workplace giving. Since launching our service in the UK in 2014, we have won awards because of the innovative approach we take and enthusiasm we drive, with examples where more than 70% of employees sign-up to payroll giving.

We design campaigns unique to each workplace and shaped to meet the needs of the community local to your operations.



Fundraising events, whether one-off or regular initiatives, can help to engage and motivate your employees while providing crucial support to local communities. United Way will tailor experiences to your specific needs and preferences as well as ensure that fundraising is a fun, simple, and valuable experience for all involved.

Fundraising events can range from cycling to selling cakes or mountain climbing, and are specifically designed to encourage team building and development among employees.