Give Local


What is Give Local?

In a sense, it is an old-fashioned neighbour to neighbour support system. But it enables support to happen on a larger scale, and in a way which addresses the most pressing needs of a community in a way that is efficient and measured, to ensure result are achieved. 

United Way UK acts as the convener, getting businesses, charities and people to come together to find out what their community issues are, who is tackling them and how it can be done together. We help businesses and people to give, fundraise and to volunteer to make a difference locally.

Give Local grants

Thanks to our partnership with Costco, we have been able to give £1,000 grants to community organisations making a difference in the same communities as Costco serves, addressing their own most pressing local needs. These range from tackling hunger through local food banks, to supporting people experiencing mental health issues through sports classes. 

The funds are all generously donated by Costco employees through a payrroll giving campaign.

We are growing this initiative by involving other corporate partners, so that we can collectively make a bigger difference. If you would like to joing the Give Local movement, please get in touch.

Why Give Local

Small charities are struggling. Between 2008/9 & 2012/13 the funding from local & central government fell by 44% and the largest 0.36% of charities receive nearly 50% of all income.

A new model of support is needed so that vital services continue at a local level, particularly for the vulnerable. 

‘Give Local’ is the dedicated program to help people become more involved with their own local community, giving the skills and resources needed.