LCVS | United Way

LCVS | United Way is a registered charity (no. 223485) that for over a hundred years had brought people, organisations and resources from within Liverpool’s most deprived communities together to address the huge need, poverty and inequality that still exists in Liverpool.

LCVS | United Way runs community Impact Programmes which provide long-term solutions to those issues affecting Liverpool communities the most by building strong communities through a focus on education, health and income stability.

Since 1909, LCVS | United Way has been the strategic support organisation for donors and the non-profit sector in Liverpool and one of the largest distributors of funds in the North West of England. 


Through it's community Impact Programmes, LCVS | United Way partners with schools, government agencies, businesses, charities, and the wider community to support our priorities:

  • EDUCATION - Children to be ready for school and to achieve in school.
    Positive about Play engages with thousands of families across Liverpool during school holidays when many struggle for support through play activities, financial advice and the provision of healthy meals.

    Reading Oasis gives primary school everything they need to create a dedicated library within their school. There are currently five Reading Oases across Liverpool.

  • FINANCIAL STABILITY - Financial independence for families.  
    Everyday Changes offers real solutions that have immediate impact to people in crises. Many of these solutions are things taken for granted – cooking equipment, bedding, carpets – but make a lasting difference to people’s everyday lives.

    Community Impact Fund provides grants to organisations working within Merseyside’s most deprived communities to help them improve the conditions in which people live.

    First Day helps breakdown the barriers to work that many young people face. It connects youth organisations to businesses through mentoring, events and meaningful First Day placements.

Since June 2012, LCVS | United Way has supported:

  • Over 2,000 children engaged in local activity

  • Over 360 people into secure tenancy

  • Over 90 young people with information and guidance

  • Over 230 individuals in need

  • Over 120 homeless men engaged in sports activity, with a new women’s league being formed

Find our more and download LCVS | United Way's programme reports here