Pitney Bowes Employees Volunteer to Help Local School

On a bright and sunny day in early July, Pitney Bowes employees spent the day volunteering at Heathlands School in St. Albans, a school for deaf pupils of all ages. The volunteers did an incredible amount of work in just a single day--they built an outdoor shed, weeded the outdoor area and lay down new slate chippings, built planters for the children to learn to garden and grow vegetables, painted the play area perimeter fence as well as picnic tables and benches. The volunteers were so efficient and enthusiastic despite the incredibly hot sun and high temperatures that much more was able to be achieved than originally planned, and the children of Heathlands were delighted during the day to see the goings on.

Over half the students at Heathlands are eligible for Free School Meals, and as many of the students are boarders or commute from far away (Heathlands is one of very few special schools for deaf children in the southern United Kingdom) there is not a PTA or a community of parents that can easily volunteer for the school, making the time that Pitney Bowes employees spent volunteering extremely valuable and demonstrating how even a few hours of work can make a massive difference for the local community. The children seem to have put their new garden area to great use, and have already planted vegetables!

If you are interested in hearing about future volunteering opportunities or would like to organise a volunteering day for your organisation, please contact isabella.snyder@unitedway.org.uk