Reading Oasis

The goal of the United Way Reading Oasis is to give every child the opportunity to love reading. This will positively affect children's learning ability and potential throughout school and beyond.

What is a Reading Oasis?

The United Way Reading Oasis gets books into the hands of disadvataged children. It was designed in collaboration with teachers, children and designers. Every Reading Oasis includes:

  • A safe, inviting space within the school where children can enjoy reading with furniture designed especially to encourage kids to pick up a book, sit down, and read

  • Hundreds of brand new Scholastic UK books, including Roald Dahl collections, all the Harry Potters, Julia Donaldson favourites and latest popular fiction and non-fiction releases

  • A book for every child to take home as their own

  • Newsletters for parents and carers with tips on reading with their children

  • A book a month for a year, for every child at the school nursery, so that they are familiar with books and have a small library of their own before they start full time school

Why fund a Reading Oasis?

  • Every year, over 1 in 3 children receiving free school meals leaves primary school with substandard literacy - around twice as many as  children not on free school meals

  • Of these same children, 93% will not achieve 5 GCSEs before leaving school

  • Reading aloud with a child for 15 minutes every day is one of the most effective routes to tackling literacy and ongoing learning issues

  • However, 1 in 3 children do not have a book of their own at home

  • We estimate that 20% of primary schools do not have libraries,  and this is set to increase

Our goal is for every primary school to have a dedicated ‘reading for fun’ space by 2025 and for the literacy achievement gap to close.