Who we are


United Way is the world's largest privately-funded nonprofit organisation. It was established more than 125 years ago and now has a local presence in over 40 countries. We focus on education, income and health—the building blocks for a good life.

Many of the problems we face are complicated- youth unemployment, childhood obesity, mental health care for an ageing population- which is why we speak with, listen to, involve and partner with volunteers, businesses, other charities and governmental organisations. This approach leads to collaborative, innovative solutions and initiatives which aim to make more than one thing better at a time, and for a long time. We work at a local community level, ensuring that everything we do is wanted by and works for local people.

United Way United Kingdom was established as a national charity in 2014 to build on our work in Liverpool- where we’ve been working with local community groups for nearly 30 years- and London where we have been for 2 years.

Watch the video below to find out more about us and work across the European region: