2016 Annual Report

Our 2016 Annual Report is now available! Click here to read about our key achievements and our plans for the future.

United Way UK are proud of our achievements in 2016. It was our second full year of operating, and we worked as a platform for corporates, local charities, donors and beneficiaries to come together and amplify their impact.

We introduced our Give Local grants, Reading Oasis and First Day initiatives. We achieved all this by supporting our corporate partners with CSR and strategy goals, through volunteering, fundraising and payroll-giving. 

We began work on an ambitious new 3-year strategic plan to strengthen communities in the UK: Building Stronger Communities Together, 2018–20.

Most importantly, we were there for local communities and people in need: harnessing global knowledge, corporate resources and local charity expertise to build stronger communities for all.

Looking ahead, the need for our services will only increase, with government spending cuts and the push to deliver more critical support through the voluntary sector. Staff, trustees and volunteers are working hard to ensure we meet this need and we thank them sincerely for their incredible commitment and passion. We look forward to the future as we continue to support the health, education and income of all people, in all communities, every step of the way.

-Hannah Bellamy and Jane Hudson Jones, Co-CEOs
-Steve Pappas, Chair