‘Give Local’ for Local Charities Day 2017

15th December 2017 is the UK’s second ‘Local Charities Day’. Here at United Way, we are celebrating by announcing the names of small, local charities we awarded £1,000 grants to this year.

We want more people and businesses to support their local charities, which is why we give 100% of funds raised through our #GiveLocal campaign to charities doing wonderful work in the very same community as the donor. In a sense, it is an old-fashioned neighbour to neighbour support system. But it enables support to happen on a larger scale, and in a way which addresses the most pressing needs of a community in a way that is efficient and measured, to ensure result are achieved. 

A Give Local Story

We ‘Give Local’ because small, local charities are best placed to help people within their own communities, and those in need know where to find them.

It is these people who we are here to help. One of these people is Leanne.

Leanne has worked since the age of 16. Last year she was left penniless with a young child and a tiny baby after the company that employed her closed. Just weeks after giving birth to her second child, Leanne was forced come to Oldham Foodbank for a three-day emergency food parcel. For Leanne, 34, accepting food from a charity was something she never thought she would have to do. She said: “I was working full time until February but I had pre-eclampsia and the doctor said I should start maternity early. I had just had my baby when the company was closed down and I ended up in a dispute over my maternity leave pay.”

Unable to pay the rent she was also forced to move into social housing with her boys. After speaking with a health visitor she was referred to Oldham Foodbank. “At the foodbank they made me feel so welcome - they were absolutely lovely. I was really scared when I first went in. I took all my paperwork with me and the volunteers put me in touch with the MP and really helped me. Not just with food, nappies and toiletries, but with my gas and electric as well.” The money which ‘Give Local’ gave to Oldham Foodbank will help an additional 900 people, just like Leanne, every year through training and counselling.

Give Local 2017

This year, we are giving grants to 28 communities across the UK. The charities which were awarded the funding are in the list beneath this article. We chose each charity based on their ability to work within and for their local community to address the most pressing issues and make long-term change. Give Local 2018 will open in the spring, so please come back if you would like to apply.

If you want to find out more about how we can bring ‘Give Local’ to your community, please get in touch (info@unitedway.org.uk).

List of Give Local 2017 charities:





Smile Scotland


Society of Parents of Children with Cancer (SPoCC)




Cardiff Foodbank


Friends for Leisure


Age UK Waltham Forest


Coffee Tots (Three Spires Family Support Trust)


Croydon Nightwatch


Children First Derby


The BIG Project


The Source Young People’s Charity


Gateshead Youth Council


Toonspeak Young People’s Theatre


Newton Boys & Girls Club


Hillingdon Autistic Care & Support (HACS)


Serious Fun


Home-Start BOW

Leicester 2

Northfields and District Play Association


Porchfield Community Centre


Manchester Refugee Support


Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Food Bank


Oldham Foodbank


ABC to Read




Home-Start New Forest


Browns Community Services


The Martial Academy




Oxford Kilburn Trust


Quote from Cardiff Foodbank:

“We are so grateful to United Way UK and their staff for donating £1000 which will help us continue our vital work. Every donation helps us to help others, which builds a sense of community and the understanding that any one of us could find ourselves in crisis. Thank you.”