Launching Give Local Grants for 2019

United Way UK is very happy to announce that “Give Local” grant applications are open for 2019.

At United Way we work towards a reality where all individuals and families can blossom and achieve their potential owing to a good start in life, an inspiring education, a path to income mobility and a healthy lifestyle. To do this, we take a collaborative approach with other charitable organisations, businesses and individuals interested in making a positive contribution and supporting those in need.

Why grants? 
We’ve seen the magnitude of life - changing work being done by motivated charities across the nation and we’re happy to be part of the change. With ‘Give Local’ grants we are able to impact people from diverse backgrounds in a myriad of communities, from Aberdeen to Wembley.

In 2018, Give Local supported Edinburgh charity People Know How, which supports vulnerable children, young people and their families through what can be a very daunting transition from primary to secondary school for children like Emma and Jess. Through People Know How’s art therapy and befriending services, a lot of the issues arising from the girls’ mother’s troubled history with alcohol and drug abuse were addressed. United Way UK’s ’Give Local’ grant enables organisations to support children like sisters Emma and Jess who are now able to attend school much more often and are better placed to deal with about the forthcoming transition, greatly reducing their stress about it.

Last year’s Give Local Grants helped Emma, Jess and 5,657 others. We’re proud to announce that we are now able extend the programme to Stevenage with the support of Costco.

Our Goals
We aim to support small, local organisations working hard to help people within their own communities. In the process, we hope to better understand the range of issues affecting these local communities and to create a clear picture as to level of these needs, the range of good work that is being done to address them and how this work can grow to have even greater impact. This information will help us to target our own work, build long-lasting partnerships with the organisations we fund and to inform our partners about future volunteering and donation options.

 “Give Local” grants are inclusive and aim to support community based, local organisations. The grant must contribute towards either education, income or health; we are particularly interested in those addressing the needs of disadvantaged people. There will be 30 Give Local grants of £1,000 each awarded in 2019.

More detailed information can be found within the application form.

The “Give Local” grants have been made possible thanks to the warm generosity of Costco warehouse employees. More than 30% choose to donate through payroll giving to charities across the UK. This in association with our ‘Give Local’ grants, is instrumental in improving the lives of thousands of people and their local communities.

‘Give Local’ is happy to welcome other businesses interested in engaging their employees in making a difference in the local communities to the family.

To apply for a ‘Give Local’ grant please use this form.

Grant applications will close on the 6th of September, 2019. Grants are expected to be awarded by October 1st, 2019.

Please direct enquiries to