United Way UK COVID-19 Give Local Response

As part of our ongoing work to address the COVID-19 emergency, we are launching our Give Local COVID-19 Response

United Way UK is working in partnership with businesses and other charitable organisations to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in local communities across the UK. We recognise that many local charities are providing vital support in disadvantaged communities. Give Local supports small, local charities carrying out COVID-19 relief measures in support of vulnerable communities, amplifying their work through grants and in-kind contributions.

Our COVID-19 reponse will complement current health initiatives across the UK by addressing the wider consequences of the pandemic, with a particular focus on education, financial stability, food insecurity, disability, mental health and domestic violence.

To apply and for more information please click here

Applications will close on 5th June, 2020.

Give Local grants are supported by our partners 3M, Travelers, Cymatics and The Toro Company.