United Way UK Covid-19 Response

United Way UK works across the UK with many local charities and schools who are right now providing support on the frontline of disadvantaged communities in the wake of Covid-19. Their work is invaluable, though many times invisible as they assist many of the most vulnerable groups in their communities who have only been made more vulnerable by the pandemic.

Therefore, in the last week, United Way UK has been in contact with the local charities and schools in its network, identifying their urgent needs in order to connect them with corporate partners and individual donors that can offer support in the form of in-kind donations, volunteers and grants. The companies and individuals' help is key to allow all these small, local organisations to establish and grow their Covid-19 response measures to support those that are most in need in their communities. 

In addition, United Way UK has launched a fundraising campaign with all funds raised directed to these small charities and schools working locally with vulnerable groups.

To join the campaign, please follow this link: https://unitedway.charitycheckout.co.uk/covid-19

If you would like to support local charities and schools in the UK in any other way, please contact us at info@unitedway.org.uk.

Updated: 2nd April 2020 Update