United Way UK's response to Covid-19

The spread of coronavirus has created a global crisis. Large numbers of people are suffering and more are expected to suffer with ill health and the economic and social consequences. The full impact is as yet unknown, but likely to be serious and lasting up to 12 months. Many people are already out of work and struggling to make ends meet, with essential food basics in high demand and unavailable and small businesses struggling or failing.

Not only this, but mental health is also at risk with social distancing and self-isolation in operation generally, with many only able to connect virtually with family, friends and colleagues, compounded by fears about the health of themselves and loved ones.

The government is taking steps to support people, business and the economy.

United Way is responding to this crisis around the globe. In the UK, we are working closely with partners and funders to ensure that existing services continue, and that the right support is available in the right way at the right time where needed.

In addition, we would direct the public wishing to support those suffering hardship caused by Covid-19 to the National Emergencies Trust coronavirus appeal. This appeal redirects funds to local charities, working on the ground in your communities to support people in need.

We are also advising our network to support local food banks. Community foodbanks are running very low on supplies due to the effect that Covid-19 is having on their regular supply chains. If you have excess food at home or there are supplies that may not be consumed before their date of expiry, please donate them to foodbanks in your local community. Such kind actions can ensure that people from vulnerable groups including young children, don't go hungry during this challenging period. You can find a list of local food banks in The Trussell Trust database.

For further information please check the latest advice from Public Health England and the government, both of which are updated daily.

Thank you and keep well.